10 reasons why my next phone won’t be an iPhone

I am no geek, but after two months with my state of the art iPhone4S, I confess I regret not having acquired an Android device. Here’s why:

  1. iTunes: this major lockout strategy of incompatibility has kept me many years away from purchasing an iPod. Closed systems are not for me.
    1. Music: I am a music lover that owns hundreds of original CDs. I am not willing to waste my time converting my music to a format that will not play on any other devices.
    2. Movies: I was also unable to store an original digital copy of a movie on my iPad (and therefore iPhone). I am no genius, but that is something that should be crystal clear.
    3. Freedom: why does Apple has to decide what programs or apps I can or cannot install on my device?
    4. iTunes: you depend on a single computer to be the host of iTunes.
  2. Flash: this antiflash crusade is ridiculous. I want to be open to the world, not only to the part that Apple wants.
  3. Battery: it must be the only phone that cannot stand one single day without charging.
  4. Complement dependent: the phone looks great, although I don’t like the glass back. However, it is not functional and accessories are required, at least the typical bumper to prevent sliding and short range unavoidable accidents.
  5. Lack of compatibility with other devices: when trying to receive pictures from other phones via bluetooth I did not manage to establish a connection. I felt like the weird one, I was out. My old Nokia had no problems with that.
  6. Screen size: it is too small for my needs, typing is awful.
  7. When you are typing on, let’s say, and app for Facebook, if you accidentally type elsewhere on the screen, you lose everything you had written. You cannot go back. That is very annoying. Furthermore, trying to edit text is complex, sometimes the cursor disappears.
  8. Compatibility of files: I work on windows and when I want to bring files to show through my iPad I have to save them on my Dropbox folder. Many formats won’t play.
  9. E-mail push: even when connected to wifi, the iPhone does not always receive e-mails on time, I have to open the mail and wait for it to synchronize. For a device that is constantly sending information, I find it to be a huge mistake. Comparing to a Blackberry or even a Nokia this issue leaves the iPhone in a very bad position. There are other important compatibility issues with:
    1. Gmail, not being able to delete an e-mail from the phone.
    2. Hotmail, where e-mails have to be erased 3 times (iPhone, iPad and Hotmail via web).
  10. USB: are you serious?

I know going to another OS in the future will be unpleasant, from the contacts in the address book to the files and info I have on the different apps, but so far it looks like Apple leaves me with no choice.